Interested in Earning Passive Income?

Are you interested in generating passive income with your commercial or industrial property?  Premier Outdoor Media is actively seeking to lease and purchase easements to develop new billboards.  Our real estate team has extensive knowledge and experience in determining the viability of a particular location.  Our landowners are our partners, and we are committed to building strong relationships and delivering a high-quality experience.  Contact the Premier real estate team to see if your property is suitable for a billboard. 

Why Partner with Premier Outdoor Media?

  • No Cost – Premier is responsible for all costs associated with installing, operating, and maintaining the billboard.

  • Passive Income – Our billboards provide a largely passive income stream and increase property value for our partners.

  • Experience – We work closely with both small and large property owners and have expertise in gaining all necessary state and local approvals.

  • Strategic Placement – We will determine a mutually agreeable placement of the billboard pole so as not to disrupt existing business operations.  

  • Quality – We utilize expert engineering to build a safe structure that adheres to the specific needs of your property. 

  • Fully Insured – In the rare instance, you are not liable for damages caused by our structures or employees.

Please get in touch with the real estate team now to see if your property could have a Premier billboard in the future. We look forward to hearing from you!