At Premier Outdoor Media, we work with you to select the most effective format to meet your advertising needs. As a valued partner, our diverse suite of digital and static panel billboards deliver your message to the right consumer at the right time and place.

Our Products

Auto Lenders Unit 1118

How they work for you

• Located primarily on major roads

• Command high-density consumer exposure

• Creative customization through extensions and embellishments

Digital Bulletins

1902 Adelphia

• Contextual messaging, real-time updates and tune-in

• Consumer interaction with your campaign

• Engagement through mobile and social integration

Premier Panels

BJs Unit 1033

• Located mainly on secondary roads and in urban areas

• Viewed by both automotive traffic and pedestrians

• Available where larger-format inventory isn’t abundant

Digital Premier Panels

Sloan Kettering

• Westchester county’s only digital network, highly targeted to cover White Plains, NY

• Network of 16 brand new digital high-profile units all 6′ x 11′ in size

• Digital network allows for targeting of all downtown businesses, restaurants and entertainment

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